Great weather yesterday! Great weather expected today!

About 87 yesterday with a bit of humidity. Today anticipated to be around 90! Another glorious day in Key West!

Did my walking in the Duval tourist area yesterday. The season is tuly upon us! People everywhere!

Got thirsty so I walked over to the beach bar at the Pier House. Had a bottle of water and read the papers.

The Pier House is a lovely facility. Truly outstanding! And the beach dining area restful to the eye! Blue water, blue sky, sparkling sand, greenery everywhere. A great place to lay back!

Last night Bob and I went on a sunset sail. I do these things when I have guests!

A great experience!

We were on Danger, a 60 foot sail boat. You pick your boat by what you want service wise on the boat. We paid more since we wanted more. We enjoyed wine and beer and all kinds of picky foods. The crew are fun people and added to the excitement of the ride.

Since I prefcer gin over other spirits, I brought my own bottle of gin.

I wanted Bob to experience a tourist evening. So my game plan was to have dinner at Sloppy Joe’s and then go over to Irish Kevin’s for some entertainment.

The best laid plans of mice and men…..Sloppy Joe’s was packed! No way were we going to get a table or spot at the bar.

Every thing else around was packed also! Season, season, season! And a good one at that fortunately!

So I made a phone call and got a reservation at the Commodore. We both had good fish meals.

When we finished, it was only a little after 9. Whatever, the water before or the day, we both agreed we were tired. So home to bed.

No plans for today. Maybe K Mart or the beach with the grandchildren. Tonight? The way I like it. Going with the flow…..

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