Big night!

We won all 3 games! Our team is now 9-3 and tied for first place!

Wow! A far cry from the past 2 years!

Captain David lead us to glory! He looks like Hemingway or Santa Claus. Depends on your perspective. Santa claus physique! And a great white beard!

Then there are Karen, Tino, Maria and Jewels. Jewels genrally is my partner. She has a great right hook. On the court, that is!

We won the first game 16-4, the second 16-9 and the third 16-9. Seem like blowouts, but not really.

The first game though was a blowout! We ground straight ahead in short time to victory!

Modesty overwhelming me, I must say I played exceptionally well in the first game! I was right on the polina! Bocci!

The second game started the same way. We were ahead 15-3 and I lost it! My toss that is! All of a sudden I could not find the polina. I doubt I came clser than 5 feet to it the rest of the game!

And it took us awhile to win! We needed one point to win and it took forever to get it! The opposition went from 3 to 9 in that time.

The primary reason was I lost control! I got a bit drunk! 2 gins during the first game did it.

It was the first time in my life I experienced how subtle alcohol can affect the body. I walked ok. Talked ok. But my throwing coordination was nonexistant!

Catain Dave at one point suggested I have a couple of drinks to get back into the groove. Like the pregnant woman, I laughingly told him that was what had gotten me into trouble!

Needless to say Captain David benched me for the third game. He sacrificed me for victory!

Tina replaced me and she and Jewels did a wonderful job winning in a brief period of time 16-9.

My friend Bob did not come to the bocci matches. He was out on the town. Not home when I returned. Not up as I write this. What stories, if any, will he have tell?

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