What a beautiful morning!

Everyday is glorious in Key West!

The whole world should live here!

The sun is shining already this morning.

Across the water from me is the MTV house of 3 years ago. You know. That TV show that annually tracks the living style for a week or so of young people living in some exotic place. Three years ago it was Key West.

My neighbor rented his home to MTV for 3 months for outrageous money. It took 3 months to prep the house for the show and finally run the show.

A group of young people arrived. Lived in the home for a month.

I never heard nor saw them except on two occasions. Both involved the show participants diving off the dock into the ocean during day time hours. Whatever occurred for show purposes happened inside and late at night or in town. Times when I was sound asleep.

The house is bright yellow on the outside. Trimmed in pink and a pastel blue. When the sun is upon it, as it is now, the place is a knockout! Great on the eyes! A sight everyone should behold.

I have that view every morning.

Lunch yesterday was at Harpoon Harry’s. A locals place. An old time diner sitting in a large store front.

Management and staff are friendly. The food good. Portions large. It was a late breakfast for me. Ham, eggs and whole wheat toast.

Afterwards, I took a walk over to the watrerfront. All of one block away. To the Turtle Museum. Glanced around a bit.

I was into turtles yesterday for two reasons.

First, Ally discovered turtle eggs in the sand at Fort Zach beach Sunday. She was all excited! This is nesting season.

Yesterday, the local paper reported a turtle crisis because of the oil spill. 70,000 eggs are in danger because of the Gulf oil spill. The eggs already dropped into the sand on beaches and awaiting hatching. The turtle egg period is about 60 days.

I am referring to the eggs in the Louisiana, Alabama and Northern Florida areas. Areas already devestated by the oil.

A plan is underway to carefully recover the eggs, place them in a lab somewhere in northern Florida and have them hatch thusly. Thereafter, they will be returned to an appropriate beach and allowed to walk as nature intended into the ocean.

It is an attempt to save a species. If it fails, there will be turtles no more in the Gulf area.

Last night I was at Outback for dinner. Salmon and fresh steamed vegetables. Healthy. What a good boy am I!

Enjoy your day!

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