Yesterday was a healthy and not so healthy day!

Exercise wise it was a 10 plus! Food and drink wise, a disaster!

As the sun was rising, I rode my bike around the island. Later I took a long walk. In the afternoon I swam for about an hour. Just burning with energy!

Last night I enjoyed a spectacular meal at Pisces. Many consider Pisces the finest restaurant in Key West. It is also pricey, but worth it! Fortunately a friend had invited me so I was a guest.

We ate upstairs on an open roof top dining area.

I started with a watermelon martini. You must try one! The watermelon is soaked in vodka for 2 weeks. The bottle is then frozen in a chunk of ice. It is served into one’s martini glass tr the table directly from the ice chunk. Absolutely out of sight!

So good that I had a second!

I was on a diet earlier in the year and was fortunate to have lost 50 pounds. And I have kept it off! But I watch like a hawk every day what I eat and drink. For example, I have not had meat in 10 months. Last night I blew it all! I ordered lamb chops! To die for!

At this point I said to myself what the hell! And so I ordered home made Carmel ice cream with hot chocolate syrup for desert. Ohhhh! Wait! I was not yet finished. I ended the evening with an espresso martini!

I did not even feel guilty! I felt good after that glorious meal! I finished the evening with a long walk along Duval Street.

This morning when I awoke I immediately went to the scale anticipating a disaster. I lost a pound! You explain.

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  1. Louis-Its great to read about your life in keywest. I read your blog daily! I’m not sure this comment is going to go through. I haven’t got that e-mail thing down yet. Its cold and snowy in ny… going to the “proctor boys” x-mass party tonight (combined classes of 1950 through 1960}it should be a blast!

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