Good morning world! It is Sunday morning in Key West! And a glorious one at that!

Yesterday was a mixed bag of events.

First and foremost was the Syracuse-Georgetown basketball game. Syracuse won! A big deal! Georgetown is ranked 8th in the country. Syracuse is unranked and having a struggling year.

Bad breaks befell Syracuse even before the season began. Our 3 point star injured his knee pre season and is out for the season. Then 3 or 4 games into the season, our starting point guard and star had a similar injury and is out for the season. An experienced point guard decides not to take his final exams and is academically barred. Then a freshman who stepped in and up got into some sort of altercation and he is out. So the team is down to seven scholarship players. All young! All inexperienced!

Boheim is proving the great coach he is this year! As these tragedies befell him and the team, he calmly stated you coach the players you have. And he has!

Syracuse plays Louisville Monday night. Another top 10 ranked team. Lets hope we can hang in there and come up with another upset.

Lunch was with and for Jonathen yesterday.

Jonathen is step son to Aaron and son to Karen. Jonathen is getting married. The ladies threw the bride to be a shower yesterday. So Aaron invited the guys to lunch with the groom.

We ate at a mexican restaurnant on Duval. First time there for me. Am not into mexican. The name of the place is Salsa Loca.

We ate in the back outside. Good food cheap. Aaron was paying!

Walter Friend was with us. Walter is one of the great good people of the world! The nicest guy in the world bar none! He is in his early to mid 80s. Tall and thin. Patrician bearing. Appears to have been born with the silver spoon in his mouth. Probably was. But you would never know it from the way he treats people.

Walter made his fortune with Walter Friend Baked Beans. I never heard of it. However many must have because he long ago sold it and the money does not seem to run out.

Walter is slowing down a bit mentally. Age is probably one factor. The other is that he had some serious brain surgery about 15 years ago which may have impacted on him.

Perhaps those two factors make Walter the good guy he is. I do not know. I never knew him before.

Walter plays golf with us when he is in Key West. He just walks up and hits the ball. Spends no time addressing it. And it goes 150 yards straight down the middle!

Walter is upset he cannot hit it 200-250 yards any longer. His putting leaves a bit to be desired also these days. He knows it so he just walks up and strokes the ball.
Spends no time studying the shot.

In spite of all these whatevers, he still consistently breaks a 100 and sometimes shots in the high 80s. The gods of golf are good to Walter!

Walter plays the drums. He is a percushionist. I hope I spelled that correctly.

He is the featured player this evening at Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase at the Pier House. Show time is 9. Go! Walter is good! The place will be packed with his friends who want to show Walter how much they love him! I will be there!

Back to Jonathen. An interesting fellow! Educated as a chriopractor, he practiced his profession here in Key West for a number of years. Had a huge following! However insurance is a problem and most of his patients could not afford to pay. So he moved over into the real estate world when the market was booming in the keys.

The market is slow now. However Jonathen is hanging in there. He specializes in commercial real estate and there is always someone looking to start a new business. So he does well!

I just wish he would get married! Yesterday was the bride’s shower and the groom’s luncheon. I thought last year they would be married by now. I asked when the date was, he told me he thought December. Then he was sure it was December. No specific date however. And no place reserved yet for a reception.

No one seems to be in a hurry to get married these days!

Last night I watched Clinton and Obama speak at the Wisconsin Democratic Dinner. There is no comaprison! He is far and away the superior candidate! Lets not miss the boat folks! Good leaders only show up every 50 years or so. And we desperately need a good leader! This is the time and he is the one!

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