I APOLOGIZE for yesterday’s blog. Mea culpa!

It was full of misspellings, incomplete and otherwise screwed up.

It was not my fault. The blog fouled up. It printed the rough draft and incompletely. I spent 2 hours trying to correct the situation. The term is editing. But no matter what I did you saw the result that published.

So you understand my innocence, a box kept coming up on the screen saying the site had problems, etc. Never the less I persevered hoping to find a way around it. Obviously to no avail.

I received a ton of e mails and telephone calls asking if I was drunk when I wrote it, was in a huury, where did I learn to spell?, etc.

I am still recovering from the trips up north and to Fort Lauderdale. So I decided to have a be nice to Louis day yesterday. Is there any other kind?

I started with a haircut. Lori cuts my hair. A lovely tiny well proportioned blond! With an ever so sweet personality! Getting a haircut is a trip unto itself.

After that delightful event, I opted for a manicure and pedicure. Oh, so good!

I know. By this time you probably think I am cracking up! Not really. I am just a hedonist at heart and some things move me. Or should I say calm/relax me?

Last night was the capping achievement to an otherwise glorious day. I played bocci! First time since Novemeber.

And I played well. So did my whole team. We won 2 out of 3 games.

Then to Don’s Place for a couple of victory drinks. And then home to bed.

A great day!

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