Happy Valentine Day!

A gorgeous day!

The sun is hining! Nary a cloud in the sky! A cool 70 degrees!

I have already been up and out. Had breakfast at Paradise Cafe and read the morning papers.

Sex and the City is here in Key West! The roostrer was chasing the hen all over thge place! she was having none of him! Animals and humans have much in common!

Played good golf yesterday. Good for me! i was striking the ball well.

We played a 3 foursone scramble. I played with Don of Don’s Plave, Aaaron the marrying man and Bill the former Mack dealer. We azll played well, but the putts weere not dropping. We were plus 3 at the end of 15 holes. Not good! We were on ouir way to losing $15 apiece.

And then the sky blackened! Just like tghat! And gthe rain came. A monsoon! Heavy! So the match was called because of the rain and we lost no money! the gods were with us!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Kwest! A wonderful experience as usual!

I had dinner last night with my friend Donna at Antonia’s. Great company and great food! And then to La Te Da to finish the evening off with an espresso martini.

The rats are back in the news!

There was an article in the paper the other day that ratgs were crossing over in a line from tghe Atlantic to Gulf side at Shark Key. You have to understand that the only main highway in tghe keys is US 1. It runs streaight down the keys. It is a narrow two lane road, one lane in each direction. And except were there is a key, shoulders are only 4-5 feet. And then miles of ocean!

Why are the rats crossing US 1 at Shark Key?

As Abraham Lincoln once said regarding why the chicken crossed the road, to get to the other side! So too with the rats! To gert to the other side! That simple!

Speaking of Abraham Lincoln, I would be remiss if I did not make the following observation. Obama is cricized because he

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