Good morning!

It is great to be back in Key West!

I have been on the go for several consecutive weeks. Up north and Fort Lauderdale. Time to rest! This week, all week!

I started my lets be nice to Louis regime last night.

The season is upon us! The town is packed!

I wanted to have dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. On the way from the parking lot I ran into Christoper, one of the owners. He also is the chef. He was taking a break and having a cigarette. He said we are full! More customers than anticipated!

His description was correct! When I walked to the front to the entrance, they were lined up outside waiting to get in!

So much for eating at Antonia’s!

I walked over to La Trattatoria. Full, but nothing like Antonia’s. At least I was able to get into the bar. And when I did, I lucked out. Someone got up to leave at the same moment as I came in so I had a seat!

After dinner, I went to the Wine Galley at the Pier House. Monday night is Larry Smith’s jazz night. And the Wine Galley was jammed!

The Wine Galley where Larry performs is a small intimate room. There had to be over a hundred people crowded in there. And they were spilling over onto the outside deck!

The jazz was great! As usual! And every one was into it!

Donna the barmaid was working extra hard. She performed well however and as always with a smile!

I then went to La Te Da for a nightcap. Monday night is Bobby Nesbitt’s time there.

And La Te Da was packed! Elbow room only, and little of that!

It was too much for me so I left without even having a drink.

The season is definitely here! It’s Key West time!

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