Last night was James Bond!

And Louie!

And Louie and Christine!

I refer to Louis and Christine Scaramuzzi, owners of Great Events Catering. Two of the greatest and nicest people in Key West!

Today is Louie’s 40th birthday. Last night his loving wife Christine threw him a surprise birthday party.

The party theme was James Bond. The event was held inside a large hanger at the Key West airport. A massive facility. And the decorations played into the James Bond theme. From sport cars to a gambling table to Bond movie music.

About 250 attended. Guests were asked to dress as James Bond characters. And they did!
The men were generally regaled in black tuxes or white dinner jackets. Some merely wore a black eye patch. The women looked divine! All were dressed to the nines! And all were as beautiful and as tempting as the ladies who pursued or sought to do wrong to James Bond. And as the with the Bond ladies, bosoms were tastefully in full bloom!

Christine surprised Louie by sending him off to a massage prior to the party. She had a Rolls Royce pick him up. The driver had a tuxedo for Louie. The excuse was that Christine had chartered a plane to take him to dinner somewhere. Cool!

The Rolls was driven into the hanger. And when Louie got out, 250 voices in unison shouted SURPRISE! And surprised he was!

Happy birthday Louie! And thank you Christine! It was a great evening!

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