Yesterday was Sunday. It was a great day! A sports day!

I finally found a place to watch Syracuse basketball games. Even when nationally televised, the Syracuse games generally do not reach as far south as Key West.

Some one had mentioned that the Sports Bar on Green Street had a basketball package. So I tried the bar yesterday afternoon.

When I walked in, there were several games playing on different sets. No Syracuse game, however!

The barmaid was talking with a customer and looking for a certain game for him on the TV. I interjected and asked if she could also find the Syracuse/Cincinnati game for me. Turns out the other fellow wanted the Syracuse game also.

His name is Scott. He is a Syracuse undrgrad grad. And a lawyer to boot! Northwestern.

So I had company for the game.

Scott has owned a home here in Key West for several years. On Georgia Street. He still goes back and forth to Chicago where he continues to practice law.

We enjoyed the game together. And Syracuse won! By 17 points. Though the game was in doubt with 10 minutes to go. Syracuse was down by 6 points and came back. A habit this year. Some game they will not be able to make that last minute type run and lose. Oh, the horror of it!

Syracuse is now 23-1. Wow! The team will probably be ranked #2 nationally when the new rankings come out this morning.

Then to Lisa’s to read the Sunday papers, play with the grandkids and enjoy Sunday dinner. As ususal, Lisa out did herself. We had ribs. Delicious!

Lisa, Corey and I watched Super Bowl. Corey was born and raised in Indiana. So you know who he was rooting for.

I lasted till close to half time when I started falling asleep. I said my good byes and went home.

I turned on the TV and hopped in bed. The half time show was just ending. I would be able to catch the second half of the game.

It was not to be. I fell asleep.

Just woke and ran to the computer to see who won. I was surprised it was New Orleans and that the team won so decidedly. It was 17-13 Indianapolis when I fell asleep.

It was a good day overall! And I made a new friend in Scott. It will be good to have some one to watch Syracuse games with.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou, glad you were able to watch the SU game, we were very happy to find it broadcast there when we visited in January! It's been exciting watching the games here, I think we're going to the UConn game Wednesday night. We'll be back to Key West in 3 weeks, hopefully we run into each other again! Chris & Don

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