I am still in Fort Lauderdale.

Had dinner last night at one of those sexy outside places on East Las Olas Boulevard. Indigo. Upscale! Excellent food! Great for people watching!

I am constantly making comparisons between Key West and Fort Lauderdale. It is inevitable!

Both are tourst destinations. Both have their own locals population. So a comparison is fair and appropriate.

Obviously Fort Lauderdale is overwrought with tall large condo and office buildings. Whereas Key West permits nothing higher than 2 1/2 fllors.

I prefer the smallness and quaintness of Key West. Everything much too big in Lauderdale!

The food. I have eaten in two pretty good restaurnats. Last night’s was better in presentation. Both however served great food!

Key West wins here in the food category. Just better! Both in preparation and presentation!

However Key West loses when it comes to cost! Fort Lauderdale appears to be half price! Yes, 50 per cent cheaper than the cost of food in Key West!

This is something Key West restauranters must address! You cannot just keep raising the cost of a meal thru the roof! Your justification that costs are going up does not hold water if I can eat cheaper and well for half the price in Fort Lauderdale.

The people. Older and seemingly less affluent on the beach the other night. Street wanders. Something we do not have in Key West.

Last night once again was an upscale evening. I noticed the people last night also tended to be older, though obviously well heeled. There seems to be more of a cross section age wise in Key West.

The afflunt homes here are out of sight! Magnificent! But also less costly than the better Key West homes.

What really impressed me were the boats parked in front of or by these homes! Humongous! In the 70 to 120 foot range. Query: Who needs a boat that largejust to run around in? Much too showy! Much too wasteful!

Well, I am off to another day here. Talk with you tomorrow!

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