Hello and good morning!

I am up bright and early today! Dark outside. The sun has yet to rise.

Breakfast yesterday morning of course was at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast, cuban coffee and the morning papers.

The chickens were around. However with a difference.

There were a ton of them!

The last time I spoke of the chickens I reported that the hawk atacks were diminishing the baby chick population. That was 2-3 weeks ago. There were only a handful of chicks left.

Yesterday that were chicks everywhere! I am beginning to wonder about the chicken gestation period. It obviously is not 9 months!

And instead of one hen, there were two. Each with her own brood following her. First time I observed more than one hen/one family.

And yet there was only one rooster! He was marching around, chest out, watching all of them. Strutting proudly is the best way to describe him!

I have come to the conclusion that roosters are polygamists! They are not called cocks for nothing!

Last night was pleasantly spent at Square One. I enjoyed a tasteful meal of rack of lamb! Oh, so good!

And the company of owner Michel Stewart! A great guy! A warm personality!

Today I am off to Fort Lauderdale for a few days. I know, I just got back to Key West! What am I doing leaving so fast?

Long scheduled business to attend to.

Going from Key West to Fort Lauderdale is literally going from a village to a metropolis! I understand the men wear long pants and jackets in the evening! And even shave!

We shall see.

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