I started my first full day back in Key West with breakfast at Camille’s.

Camille’s was a hole in the wall reaturant on busy Duval Street for years. Only served breakfast and lunch. Closed at 2. A very popular place! Always packed!

Several years ago it bought a big old resturant facility on Simonton. The place had been home to at least a dozen restaurants in my time.

None of them made it.

Camille’s has! It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner now. And is always full!

So breakfast at Camille’s is sort of the thing to do, especially on a Sunday!

I had breakfast with daughter Lisa and the family. It was son in law Corey’s 45th birthday.

Corey is a good guy! Salt of the earth type! Reminds me of Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda. Tall and good looking. Soft spoken. Determined mentally.

He is originally from Indiana. Grew up there. Went to Indiana University. Never played basketball though. Sad!

Corey tells me he always enjoyed playing with stones and sticks. Walking the woods and finding strange objects.

Corey ended up becoming an archeologist. He searches antiquity.

He has dug and dove all over the world!

In recent years he has been the Chief Archeologist at the Mel Fisher Museum here in Key West. He dives for a living and has discovered much lore of yesterday buried beneath the sea!

Breakfast was terrific! The grandkids were there of course. They bring sunshine and joy where ever they are!

After breakfast, I was off to the local supermarket Publix to shop. Having been away, the cupboard was bare!

I never shopped groceries till a couple of years ago when I retired. It was just something I did not do. Now, I look forward to pushing the cart around, checking prices, greeting friends,etc., all the things that go with supermarket grocery shopping! A new world to me!

Grapes have been a concern for awhile. The prices went up dramatically several weeks ago. To $4.99 a pound! Even in Utica!

So I stopped buying them! I have a cheap streak in me!

Yesterday grapes were on sale. $1.99 a pound! So I bought a bag. They are from Chile. Much smaller. About a third of the size. And a bit tart in taste. Passable. Acceptable. Remember, cheaper! And because of their size, you get more grapes for the money! My mental justification for smaller and tart!

As I was driving home after shopping, I had the top down on the car. I picked up a head cold while in Utica and was trying to burn it out. At high noon it was 88 degrees!

I also took one of those non-drowsy head cold pills earlier in the day to dry out the sinuses. I was exhausted by the time the groceries were kept. Like drugged. I spent the afternoon in bed sleeping. My nose dried up but I was soooo tired! So much for the non-drowsy aspect of the medication!

What a great football game last night! I watched it a a local bar chomping on wings. The Giants deserved it! Their defense was nothing less than spectacular in tying Brady up!

Still, one has to feel sorry for the Patriots. It is hard to say wait till next year. I doubt it is possible to repeat it. There will never be another like the season they just experienced!

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