It is the start of a glorious day!

I return to Key West!

I cannot wait till this evening when I arrive to feel and taste the island again!

I have been up north slightly less than 2 weeks. Cold! Snow and sleet! Sloppy!

From the cold outside and the dry heat inside, my skin is dry and my lip cracked. Those of you who have lived in this climate can understand. Those of you who have been fortunate not to, you have missed nothing!

And my weight! What a problem!

You will recall from my trip here over the holidays, I gained 10 pounds. Fortunately I lost 8 of those pounds soon after returning to Key West. The reason is simple. We eat differently in the keys. Primarily fish. And we exercise more, even though we may not realize it. We walk everywhere. And because we can get out, we are more active otherwise.

To walk at this time of the year in Utica is to take your life in your hands! Always ice. Hidden ice. Black ice you cannot see. A slip. A fall. And a broken arm or leg!

The bottom line is I gained the 8 pounds back. With the remaining 2 I had failed to lose from Christmas, I once again have 10 pounds to lose. Will it ever end!

Lou Hernandez has an interesting theory about weight. He recently wrote that the older we get, the tougher it is to lose weight. The reason is because by that time in life, your body and your fat have gotten to be really good friends!

Speaking of friends, I look forward to my return to Key West and seeing all of you soon!

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  1. Whatwas your grandfather’s real name if not Petrone.

    2nd The north Utica) hasn’t been that baD FOR YOU. You became A
    successful lawyer and financial
    did very well. I don’t believe you
    would have done that in Ke West.
    So Lou give our area a break

    Your Friend RFG

  2. Hi Louis,
    Sorry we did not get to see you while you were in town, and we hope all is well now.
    We love reading your blog, and we look forward to seeing you in Key West on Feb. 19th! Please give us a call tomorrow, ok?
    Love ya,
    B and V

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