What a beautiful morning! The sun is shining. Not a cloud in the sky. The water is blue and racing. The sun is reflecting off the palm trees. God is in His heaven, all is right with the world!

Yesterday was a good day!

Played golf in the morning. Played in a threesome with Yankee Jack and Tino. We played a skins game. All even at the end of 18 so no one had to pay anyone any money. It was a close call for me however. Teeing off at 17 I only had 2 skins. But luck was with me. I won the 17th hole and picked up 4 skins!

Last evening was spectacular! I attended the Montessori fundraiser at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. Absolute beauty and perfection!

The event was entitled a Winter White Wonderland in the Sand. Obviously on the beach. And all the decor in white. A magnificent white tent with chandeliers. Tables and chairs all ensconced in white. And reindeer cloaked in white sparkling lights.

Attire was white also. Mandated. The women were cloaked in white long, white cocktail dresses and white pant suits. All absolutely gorgeous! And the men were similarly attired, except in white shirts and pants. No dresses for the men, except for Ruby who was present and is the new Queen Mother of Key West.

Veronica West spearheaded and hosted the event. And well was it done. This is her charity! Veronica is a former model and still possesses the stature and beauty of her former occupation. She was a sight to behold in her lovely white cocktail dress which was complimented by her charming and gracious personality.

Good company, good friends, a good cause!

All in all, a spectacular evening!

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  1. Louis,

    We are enjoying your blogs! You have evolved into quite the penman, not to mention, comedian!

    I can truthfully say that we are “hooked” on your blog and eagerly await to be updated on the life in the day of Louis!

    Keep up the great work!

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