Good morning world!

Up and at ’em! It’s going to be a beautiful day!

I am looking out the open window. It appears Ida has passed us by. Yesterday was it. Thank God!

A normal sun shinning mid 80s day in the making for Key West.

Ida has been running through my mind the past few days. The name. The word. A tune…..”Ida, sweet as apple cider.”

Where did it come from? Drove me crazy. Then I remembered. An early movie singer of old. The 1930s and 1940s. Short, big eyes. A singer and dancer.

His name escaped me.

Last night it came to me. Eddie Cantor!

Cantor was a big time entertainer. Vaudeville, Zigfied Follies and the like. His wife’s name was…..yes……Ida! And he sang “Ida, sweet as apple cider” for her!

The words to our songs have certainly changed over the years!

Last night started as usual with the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Marty, Che and Myra at the bar. The primary thrust of our conversation was the computer and its intrusioon into our personal lives. Some people do not like the loss of privacy. Understandable. My answer is simple. If you do not like it, do not use it.

Obviously Marty was back. We had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Kathy was working. Always good to see her. Beecha was working also. The best! I got my hug and kiss!

A good crowd. And then all of a sudden the bar was jam packed. A party of about 15 waiting for a table.

The speed boat races are this weekend. The boaters started coming in yesterday to prepare for the races.

The races are exciting. Big sleek power boats with 2 people. One a driver and the other a navigator/engineer. These boats race around Key West at dangerous speeds. More than 100 miles per hour. Helicopters swoop low over them. Heart pumping. Exciting. It makes the blood boil!

The speed boaters are spenders. As opposed to the sail boaters who tend to be conservative in their spending. The merchants will be happy this week.

The speed boaters in La Trattoria last night were from the New York City area. They were having fun. I hope they will be sober enough to drive the big power boats come the weekend!

Haircut this morning. Lori time! I do not understgand it. My hair seems to grow faster the less I have.

This week’s radio show will be interesting. Big time!

Mortgage forelosures. The legal ins and outs. What people can do to protect themselves from this personal major economic problem.

Jerry Coleman is my guest.

Jerry is a well known top notch Key West attorney. One of his specialties is mortgage foreclosures. He represents people against the banks. The knight on the white charger!

Pleaae listen in. Thursday at 1 pm. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Key west radio station KONK 1680 AM. On the intenet anywhere, And telephone call ins 305-294-2769.

Banks have irritated me my whole life. I viewed banking and borrowing as the renting of money. Nothing more. Over my lifetime, bankers turned into pompopus know it alls who really knew little. They became greedy in the worse sense.

The economic failures of 2008 can be laid largely at their doorstep.

And their pomposity and wrongdoing continues.

The three largest banks in the United States received billions in recovery money. Our tax dollars. Did they spread it amongst the borrowing public? No. They kept it in house and made what they considered safe investments.

Now with unemployment at its highest level in years and mortgage foreclosures rampant, they are giving out billions in bonuses to their employees. The bonuses being financed with our tax dollars.

To make it even worse, this is the swine flu season. We are all told to get the swine flu shot. I cannot. There is not enough serum. Many others cannnot.

But the bankers can!

It was announced on TV yesterday that the swine flue vaccine has been made available to top staff at the major Wall Street banks. These people are considered a group to be protected. Before you and me.

What bullshit! When is it all going to stop?

Because of computer problems, I could not do my blog on Sunday. Yesterday I did it late. Around 3 in the afternoon.

If you missed yesterday afternoon’s blog, go back and read it. It was interesting.

I salute again today Shaneka, my AT&T saviour. Read about her in detail in yesterday’s blog.

Again, so beautiful outside. Warm, sunny, a mild wind. A great day in the making!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. *** begin quote ***
    The economic failures of 2008 can be laid largely at their doorstep.
    *** end quote ***

    No, I respectfully disagree. The failure is entirely do to the congress critters. imho!

    CRA, and the corruption of campaign contributions is the proximate cause.

    Going back a little, the FED's creation in 1913 and FDR's taking us off the gold standard allowed the expansion of the Federal Gooferment without any constraint. What we are seeing now is the same as the coin shaving of the various Louis's of France.

    (I saw an exhibit of the French Fran in the Smithsonian in the 1970's that brought it into focus. The first franc was a hockey puck of gold; the last one a thin shirt collar button.)

    Moral of the story: the bankers and their supposed "regulators" are the creation of and puppets of the congress critters. They should be in jail. And we all should have our heads examined for letting them to get away with it!

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