Where do I begin?

My recent political blog re Obama and Clinton brought a hell of a response! Some good, some bad.

We all know there are some people who dislike the Clintons. What I did not know, or better stated had forgotten, is that there a lot of Kennedy haters out there also.


I was raised never to discuss politics or religion. People are sensitive. Toes may be stepped upon.

However I enjoy a good exchange of thoughts and ideas! So I especially welcomed the responses which did not agree with me. Though I was surprised at their forcefulness!

Exchanges of this nature are healthy. The key is for more people to express themselves, rather than harbor their feelings internally. We all learn from discourse. Even heated. As long as an open mind is maintained. Sometimes some of us do change our minds.

However I have not in the case of Obama. I am still rock solid in support of him! So climb on the band wagon! A new day awaits!

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