Yesterday was a big day politically! Exciting and memorable!

Ted Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama!

Presidnet Kennedy’s daughter Caroline had endorsed him the day before.

Big endorsements! A major boost for Obama!

I watched the endorsement live on TV. It brought tears to my eyes. Seems to be happening a lot lately.

I was part of that ’60s generation. And of course a Kennedy supporter! I was a bit active politically in those days.

One of the highlights of my brief but potent political career was a private meeting I had in Rome, New York with Robert Kennedy. I shall never forget his grip, piercing eyes and equally piercing comments. It was a business political meeting. He was an impressive and compelling man. I would have followed him to hell or anywhere else after that meeting!

We lost that special spirit when we lost President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

I was hopeful it would return. We need it as a nation! We need it as a people!

I felt it yesterday with Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama. I sensed it earlier over the past several months as I listened to Obama speak. I have been telling people he reminded me of John Kennedy.

He does! There is no question about it now!

The race is not over. The February 5th primaries may be the deciding factor. Whatever, Obama is on the run! I hope the country backs him!

I am a political junkie at heart. Most of my readings are political/governmental in nature. I am presently reading Madeline Albright’s Memo To a President for example.

So permit an additional comment/observation.

Bill Richardson is the next important political endorsement. The cry seems to be that the Latino vote is large, perhaps larger than the black vote, and needed for victory in this presidential primary and subsequent election. The group interestingly has tended to be Republican. Those that are registered Democrats have indicated early support for Clinton.

They must be brought into the Obama camp! Latino support is crucial to Obama’s success.

That is where Richardson comes in. He is Latino by heritage. And by nature. He has dropped out of the Democratic primaries. He has yet to indicate who he supports for the nomination. It is time for him to step up and endorse Obama. The train is leaving the station.

Reflecting on the importance of the Latino vote is the fact that Senator Kennedy has announced he will be campaigning for Obama next week in the southwestern states. Shades of his brother Robert Kennedy who supported supported the Latino grape workers in the 1960s. He actually went to the fields to talk with them and offer help.

All very interesting!

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