My father is 93. Soon to be 94.

When I am in Utica, we have developed routines.

One of them is to visit Barnes and Nobles.

My Dad has lost several inches over the years due to osteoporosis. He is hunched over. Cannot stand straight. A family trait! His brothers and sisters were similarly afflicted. Not bad to handle though if you can live to his age and have most of your faculties!

He keeps falling and breaking bones. So his gait is unsteady. Also he cannot lift his left arm. He has to be helped putting on and taking off his jacket. Seat belts are a problem for him also. He cannot secure or unsecure the belt. I tell him to leave it off. He says no! He does not wish to hurt himself if there is an accident.

Anyhow we go to Barnes and Noble. We sit at a table. We have books which we read. We never buy them. Only pick them up to continue reading each time we go. And we drink coffee.

Actually there is little book reading that takes place. We talk. About everything and anything. And we look. At the younger women!

A very vitalizing experience for him! And me for that matter also!

I will see an attractive young lady and might commnet…great ass! Or…great breasts! He will look and after a while grunt approvingly. It takes time for his eyes to focus.

We do not stay long. My father tires easily. It is all too much for him!

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