I write this morning’s blog with mixed emotions.

No. No one is dead. The ill are recovering.

I write of rats and pythons once again.

You will recall a few days ago I pointed out that this blog is read far and wide world wide. I apologize for the redundancy, but it sounds good. I also have stated on more than one occasion that the blogs that received the most attention by way of responsive e mails to me were the ones concerning the rat situation at my Key West home.

The interest in rats continues! And with pythons also! Perverse in a way as will soon be evident.

The emails came in from far and wide regarding my most recent rat/python blog.

Camerum is in Africa. So I was told. I had never heard of the place so I did an internet search. It must exist as there are thousands of internet sites for Africa’s Camerum. However I could read none of those I searched! The sites were all in foreign languages unknown to me.

Someone wrote from Milan, Italy. She said she was at a dinner party at a friend’s home in Milan. He had just returned from Camerum in Africa. Beautiful fillets covered with a sauce were served. The host advised the entre was python! A favorite dish in Camerum!

She refused to eat it! She claims that as far as she was concerned it was rat flesh!

You will recall that I wrote a few days ago a python’s favorite food were rats. And that a 10 foot python ingested 75-80 rats a day!


It gets even worse.

One e mail claimed that in parts of China rats are still eaten as a main part of the diet.

Another said that in old Yugoslavia a popular medicine of the time was the ingestion of rats. It was believed to be helpful in healing.

A disgusting topic I agree! However I continue to be overwhelmed by the interest rats seem to hold for the world’s peoples.

Perhaps there is a good side to the rodent we all despise. I doubt it, but the interest factor speaks perhaps to the contrary.

Remember there is a Mickey Mouse! And we all love him!

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