Rats have garnered my attention since the invasion to my Key West home several weeks ago. You will recall my home was invaded by a nest of rats. We caught 14 on our own in 8 days before the professional exterminator did its job.

Fortunately man prevailed and my home has been rat free since. Or at least I think so!

Anyhow I have become sensitive/conscious to anything having to do with rats.

I reported soon after the demise of the rat intrusion that wood rats were in danger. Wood rats are prevelant in the upper keys. An endangered/protected species. Would you believe it!

I further reported that pythons, yes, pythons!, were creeping into the northern keys from the everglades. And as would be expected and known by all enviromentally concerned keys’ residents, the pythons were a danger to the wood rats. So what I thought at the time! After all the problems I experienced with the rat invasion to my home, I could have cared less if rats of any nature were exterminated!

Well, the rat/python story is back in the news!

A seventh python was recently caught in the Key Largo area. About 100 miles north of Key West.

A 10 footer! The biggest caught yet! They can grow to 20 feet.

There is a fear that a male and a female will emmegrate from the everglades to the keys and mate. That would be terrible! It would! There then would be a brood of pythons and the keys would really be in trouble. We do not need any more critters residing here.

Let’s distinuish the rat population.

Apparently wood rats are vegetarians. Considered good rats by the scientific community.

Black rats are the bad guys! They are abundant in the keys and are described as exotic garbage eaters.

Exotic is an interesting term. Perhaps we should mate the black rats with the pythons! Ho ho! But oh how disgusting! Forgive me!

I suspect the black rats were the one’s who invaded my home.

Black rats are abundant. They are also expendable. I would agree with that statement. So some black rats have been caught and are being used to trap/test the threatened python invasion.

A 10 foot python devours 75-80 rats a day. I should have had one in my house! What is that called? From the frying pan to the fryer?

The bottom line is that nature is taking over. It is telling us humans to move over! Or get out!

This whole rat/python thing is another war we humans have to wage in order to survive.

You may wonder why I take the time to write about this subject matter. The answer is simple. Readers comment on my blogs. They e mail me in droves. The greatest response I have received to any blogs were those concerning the rat invasion to my home. From as far away as China!

Need I say more.

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  1. Hello Louis,

    Just a little note to say “I have heard of your unfortunate circumstances in NY and if there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.” My prayers are with you and yours!


  2. Hi Louis~
    I recently had a bout with Ratso Rizzo in my little house as well. After eating my food, with that removed, the lables off my soup cans, he finally met his demise with the peanut butter in the rat trap I left in place of the food in my cabinet! Good bye and good riddance!

    Mary Deasy

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