Good morning world!

I come to you this morning from the North Pole!

I have returned to Utica, N.Y.

Think it was cold the past few days in Key West! No way! It is brutal here!

21 degrees with a cold chill of around 0 when I arrived last night. Do not know what it is this morning, but I can tell you it is cold cold! I am bundled up in a big thick robe trying to keep warm as I write this. My fingers may crack in the process!

Flying these days is just wonderful! Not really!

I left my home in Key West at 8:30 yesterday morning. I arrived at my Utica home at 10 last night. 3 planes. All delayed for hours.

The plane from Key West to West Palm left 2 hours late. The West Palm to Newark flight left 3 hours late. The Newark to Syracuse plane left almost 2 hours late.

And no one cares! Neither the airline personnel nor the travelers.

The traveling public has become immune to the airlines screwing up. These delays are now accepted. No one complains any more. What good would it do!


Everything is falling apart in this country and we just take it. The cost of gasoline is out of sight! But the rantings of the consuming public have subsided. We spend $50 or more to fill our gas tanks and do nothing to change the situation.

We better get our respective asses in gear and start complaining a bit. Yell! Our cry should be we won’t take it any more!

We are becoming as sheep lead to the slaughter.

Our lives, our future are in our hands! What are we going to do about it? Will we do anything about it?

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