Still cold this morning! Not as bad as yesterday though. The weather is turning. The cold wave is supposed to leave Key West today. The projected temperature is 75.

Yesterday was a quiet Sunday! As I have said before, that is the way Sundays are supposed to be. Biblically and otherwise.

I went to Lisa’s and played with the grand kids for a couple of hours! They are so beautiful! And innocent and loving and everything else that is good and wholesome!

Then I went to the coffee house on Duval across from the old Scrub Club. Sipped coffee and read the New York Times! What a perfect thing to do on a Sunday!

Yesterday was big time football! So home I went to watch the games. Huddled under a blanket of course! Remember this is the Florida keys and home heating systgems are not that common. Both games great! Both a 10!

I got bored near the end of the first game, so I snuck out to the Gardens Hotel. I had heard htere is a jazz group that plays there outside on Sundays at 5. And they were reported to be terrific!

I lasted all of 5 minutes!

It was freezing cold!

So home I went. Crawled in bed and watched the Giants/Packers game. Glad Tyne finally kicked one in the over time!

And then to sleep.

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