I told you a cold wave was coming in!

It is still early Sunday morning and dark outside. And the wind is howling! About 30 miles per hour. Coming in from the north.

The temperature is 67. The high today will only be 68.

A one day thing! The weather will be back to normal tomorrow.

Strange, though. Yesterday it was 86 and humid. You will recall I predicted this change in weather a few days ago. The key to Key West weather (a bit of redundancy here) is the weather up north. When there is a cold spell there, it is cold here. TV reports upper New York State is having a big snow storm and low temperatures. Today and tomorrow. Ergo the cold spell here! It is all cause and effect.

I think I will get a job on TV as a weather forecaster! Ho ho!

Syracuse was playing basketball against Villanova at noon yesterday. Had to watch the game! I went to Hogfish for the event.

Hogfish is one of the last remnants of the very old keys. It is a run down ramshackle open air bar/restaurant on Stock Island. Fishing boats all around. Relatively poor housing. It is frequented by locals, including those who daily make their living on the waters off the keys and those who live in the backwoods in the mangroves. The long beard type. Sort of rough and tumble.

The atmosphere is good! The food solid and cheap! And the company enjoyable! This is a no bullshit place!

So there I was at Hogfish for lunch and to watch the Syracuse basketball game! I enjoyed fish and chips and watched Syracuse lose. A good game though, till the end. A building year for Syracuse and Coach Boheim. The Syracuse story this year is well known. We lost 2 starters early for the whole year due to knee injuries. A third player who then would have started opted not to take his exams. So there are 3-4 freshman starting every game for Syracuse. As Coach Boheim said, “…you coach the team you have.” And he is and they are doing a great job under the circumstances!

Then home for what I thought was going to be a nap. Instead I watched 2 hours of a Nevada caucus on Fox. An interesting experience watching it! Democracy at the grass roots level! The show captured my attention!

Last night I stopped first at Kwest to hear Bobby Nesbitt. And sing a bit myself! Ran into June and Bill Hudson from Delaware again. Her daughter is in for a few days. All good company. I enjoyed my time with them.

Then I was off to dinner at the bar at La Trattatoria. Good food and good companionship!

I continue to be tired. So I was home in bad and asleep well before 10.

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