Tuesday morning! Another good day in the making in Key West! Can’t tell yet though. Still dark outside.

I was under the weather yesterday. So all I can report is that I lolled around in bed all day watching TV and snoozing off and on.

However good sometimes comes from bad! You will recall I lost yesterday’s blog somewhere in Internet sub space. I now have the opportunity to redo the message. So what follows are my Sunday exploits!

Sunday was a great day! One of the best I have experienced!

Started the day with the usual cuban toast and coffeee at Paradise Cafe. Reading the Sunday papers of course! There is nothing better than sitting around sipping coffee and browsing the Sunday papers!

Then a long walk around the waterfront. Sun shining! A brilliant morning!

On the way home, I stopped at Lisa’s to play with the grand kids. Also helped them eat their breakfasts. Bad for me!

I then hurried home to catch Meet the Press at 10. For the Russert/Clinton confrontation!

Hillary was interesting! During the first half of the show she appeared, tired, disheveled and pale. Her responses came from the body and mind of a tired person. We have all been there!

Then came intermission. All of 2 minutes. When the show returned, Hillary’s hair was neat and tidy. Make up had obviously been applied. Her cheeks were rosey, her eyeliner redone and darker eyebrows. And her responses oh so improved! In delivery. Sharp and precise. No haggardness or tiredness reflected.

What 2 minutes will do! I can visualize her make up staff and consultants working her over. Just like a fighter’s handlers in the corner between rounds!

And why not! This presidential race is a prize fight!

Then to the golf course! I played 18 holes with Aaron and Tino.

The weather was great! In the low 80s. Nary a cloud in the sky. Brilliant sunshine. And humid, though not oppressively. Just enough to raise a good sweat.

And I played well! The best I have played in 5 years!

What a day so far! And it was not yet 5 o’clock. There was more to come!

I rushed home to watch the Dallas/New York football game. And what a game! Right down to the end. The last 20 seconds could have changed the result!

I had dinner at the Grand Cafe. First time I ate there under present ownership. Last time!

The Grand is located in the middle of Duval Street. Across from Hardrock Cafe. Next door to the python and cackling bird show. In the middle of the the hustle and bustle and NOISE of Duval Street. All the bars and all their loud music hitting at one time.

Dining was on the porch.

The food was great! Actually outstanding! The service bad! Very bad!

So so much for the Grand Cafe!

However permit a little local color.

Remember Kelly McGillis? She was a big time movie star in the l980s. She was that knock out blond playing opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun. She starred also with Harrison Ford in a movie whose name escapes me. She was a Mennonite and Ford a detective. He hid on her family farm in Pennsylvania from the bad guys. She is still around. Appears in a movie on occasion and on TV.

McGillis and her husband Fred Tillman originally owned what is now the Grand Cafe. They moved here in the early 1990s and opened first Kelly’s Restaurant, which is still in business on Whitehead Street. After that success, they opened a restaurant on Duval where the Grand now operates.

Around 2000, Kelly and Fred divorced. Sold the Duval Street restaurant. Fred kept Kelly’s on Whitehead.

Kelly now lives on a farm in Pennsylvania. Fred is still in Key West.

Sunday night is Larry Smith Showcase time in Key West! So after dinner I walked over to the Pier House to catch the show.

Larry is a man of many musical talents! One is his ability to draw the best out of other performers.

Larry’s Sunday showcase generally features one performer for a 2 hour show. Usually a singer. Not necessarily a professional.

This Sunday was Mary Deasey time! I have never heard her sing better! It was a special time!

Donna is the bartender at the Pier House where Larry performs. She is lovely, charming and gracious! It is always a pleasure to see her. And she makes a great espresso martini!
Of course, I had one to finish the evening.

My good friend Yankee Jack was at the showcase also. Yankee is one of the nicest guys on the island. Very friendly. Very warm. Never a cross or negative word escapes his lips. An entertainer also, he sings during the day at the Bull.

Yankee was impressed by my 50 pound loss on the Nutrisystem diet last year. So He has started on the same diet. He has lost 36 pounds in 5 weeks! Good for you Yankee! Keep it up!

That was Sunday! Not a bad day!

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