Yesterday was a lazy day. The affects of the sun from my Sunday lobster diving excursion were still upon me. I spent the day reading and sleeping off and on. What a tough life!

The rat saga continues. The exterminator finally showed up and the situation seems under control. Professional assistance is always better than self help!

You will recall that when I was reporting on the rat problem, I jokingly suggested that I might later find out they were a protected endangered species. Well, almost! Yesterday’s local newspaper had an article on wood rats and pythons. An interesting topic in and of themselves! We all want to know about rats and pythons.

Seems that wood rats are common in the Key Largo area. Key Largo is about 120 miles north of Key West. Three 8 foot pythons have been caught in the Key Largo area. Pythons apparently feast on wood rats. Woods rats are a federally protected species. So what happens now? Are they going to prosecute the pythons? The problem is that there are apparently 30,000 25 foot pythons in the Everglades. The fear is that the pythons might emigrate and devour the wood rats. I don’t know which species here is the worse? From my perspective, bad luck to both!

Anyhow my rats were not wood rats. So I am told. However I am not a sophisticate. A rat is a rat and damn them all!

Preschool has become very import in the development of our young children. Those 3 and 4 year olds who have not had the opportunity to attend preschool will be at an ill advantage when they enter kindergarten. Unfortunately pre school is generally an expensive out of pocket thing. Many parents cannot afford it, especially in our present economic society.

Montessori Children’s School of Key West is one of the best, if not the best, preschool in the area. And expensive!

Tomorrow evening there is a fundraiser to assist minority children whose parents might not be able to financially send them to Montessori. The fundraiser will be a party event from 7-9 pm at the Southernmost Beach Cafe at the Atlantic end of Duval Street. Tickets are $100 per person and may be purchased at the door or Try to attend. It is a most worthy cause and the setting and event will be fun.

I have a selfish reason for supporting and recommending this event. My daughter Lisa is on the committee and my 3 year old grandson will be starting Montessori pre school in January. My grandson’s tuition will be paid by his parents. He is fortunate in this regard. However not all children share this financial luxury. That is the way of the world. Opportunity however should be equal. The scholarships derived from this fund raising event help balance the playing field a bit.

I hope I will see some of my friends tomorrow night at the Southernmost for this special event!

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