I just woke up after a good night’s sleep. Walked outside to see what kind of a day it would be. It is going to be a good one!

The sun has just risen. There is a mixture of clouds. No breeze. Absolutely none.

Across the water from my home is the MTV Real World house of 2 years ago. It is a large majestic home. Soft yellow with an orangish red roof.

All of it was reflected in the water before me! Muted. Beautiful and striking.

Something I rarely see.

I started yesterday with a bike ride around the island. Good for the soul as well as the body!

After breakfast I took a walk in town. I am on a health kick! Remember those 10 pounds I gained up north over the holidays. Well, I have lost 6 of them in a week. Exercise and prudent eating. The other 4 pounds better drop off soon as this good living is starting to get to me.

I had two unusual experiences yesterday.

I was being good to Louis and getting a pedicure and manicure. When I arrived for my appointment, I had to wait a bit. Seated near me was an attractive young lady. She had her baby with her. The baby was in one of those miniature car seat carry around things.

I looked over and commented what a beautiful baby! She smiled and quietly said thank you. Upon closer observation I noted the pretty little baby was a doll!

The drama continued. When the young lady went to the table for her manicure, she carried the doll in her arms. The baby lay in her lap as she had her nails done. During the course of the procedure, she would occasionally look down and talk to “her child.” She also caressed the “child” with her free hand.



While driving around later, I had to stop at an intersection for a stop sign. On the corner next to me were 2 cocks (chickens so there will be no error) fighting like all get out! I had never seen a cock fight before. It was brutal! They were trying to kill each other! Ripping and tearing at each other’s bodies!

Last night was a return to normalcy. I attended the opening concert of the Key West Symphony.

A spectacular event! Bravo in every respect!

The director of the Key West Symphony is Sebrina Alfonso. A Key Wester by birth, she returned home after her education and training and started the symphony here 10 years ago. She is most talented! A musical genius in the area of classical music! The community owes her much for what she has accomplished.

The guest soprano was a Monica Abrego. A lovely young lady from Mexico. A resounding voice!

I enjoy and do not enjoy the symphony. Sometimes the music is a little too hairy for me. Last night there were no hairy portions however. Only great stimulating ones! The kind that keep you awake and on the edge of your seat!

I also enjoy the symphony here because it is a change of pace from other social events. People tend to dress more. I wore long pants and a sport jacket last night! A rarity here! However the occasion called for it. It would be disrespectful to attend a symphony in shorts!

So much for yesterday. Lets see what today holds. It is always a mystery unfolding here in Key West!

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