Golf was wonderful! It was good to be out on the course again after a 3 week hiatus.

I played with Kurt, Larry, Harry and Aaron.

I rode with Kurt.

Kurt is without question the best golfer in the group. The last time I rode with him he shot 72. That’s golf!

Kurt has recently returned to playing after a 7 week lay off. He got engaged in a brawl and broke his right thumb.

The lay off and the healing thumb affected his game a bit. He was OK long. But his short game was off. He shot an 81. What a tragedy! I would love to shot an 81!

Kurt is a first class gentleman. I am one of the world’s worst golfers. Yet when I ride with Kurt, he never complains that I slow him down, we are always looking for my ball, I hack around the course, etc. He is always there helping me to find my ball, waiting patiently as I hit several shots to his one.

To put all this in proper perspective, while Kurt shot an 81 yesterday, I shot a 110.

Larry was the big winner. $39! I lost $11. Not bad for the way I played!

After golf, we tried something new. Instead of drinking and solving the world’s problems on the porch of the Key West Golf Club, we went to the nearby VFW. Not bad. And cheaper drinks!

I was tired after golf. And the VFW. So it was home and a nap. I continued being tired even after the nap, so I stayed in last night. This getting old affects me at times!

I have discovered cable channel 79 here in Key West. It is a local channel and runs old movies. Very old movies. Like from the 1930s. Black and white like I used to see as a kid.

I remember going to the movies for 3 and 4 cents. We always went on Saturdays. Two flicks, a cartoon and a serial.

A serial was like an ongoing soap opera. 12-14 weeks of one short episode each week. Generally 10 minutes in length. Had a hero and a bad guy. At the end of each week’s segment, the bad guy had the good guy in somed pecarious position. Death was certain! And then the next week, we would see how our hero was saved at the last moment from imminent death. Exciting! Picture a neighborhood theatre full of kids shouting and cheering as their hero survived yet another week.

Channel 79 is showing the serials! Yes, those same serials from the 1930s!

I have already seen Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy. Wow! Shades of my youth! Shades of some of your youths! Interesting fodder for the rest of you!

Tonight bocci!

I have not played in 3 weeks. I look forward to returning. My partner Jules should be back from New Orleans.

We are playing Yankee Jack’s team. Should be a good match! And fun!

Kurt and I had an interesting conversation on the golf course yesterday.

Kurt has lived in Key West for years. He lives on the same island I do. Key Haven.

He said winter just won’t go away. This is the coldest winter he remembers! And the wind off the ocean!

Just sharing. I did not want you to think I was the only one complaining about the cold.

Do something nice for some one today. God will love you for it and so will the person you befriended.

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