My new dental cap is being done in Key West time!

Just before I left the house yesterday morning, the telephone rang. It was the dentist’s office. My cap was not in yet from the lab. My new appointment is next Tuesday. It will have taken 5 weeks to replace the cap!

A disgrace!

In the meantime, I have a temporary that I was warned might not last the initial two weeks.
For the past 4 weeks, I chew only on one side of my mouth to avoid the problem.

My doctor visit was on however. I am undedrgoing my annual physical. Yesterday was the first half. Blood work, eye test, ekg, some prodding. More next week.

I was low on food. So I stopped at Publix to get a few items. This retirement thing is getting to me. I actually enjoy pushing the cart around!

You read about the iguana problem first here! Recall my complaints about them a few days ago.

Iguanas were front page news yesterday in the local newspaper. State and federal officials trapped and destroyed 65 of them. The war has begun!

There is a state park about 20 miles up the road. Bahia Honda. A lovely place! Great beach! I occasionally go there.

As in the rest of the keys, the iguanas have taken over.

Turns out the Miami blue butterfly also lives at Bahia Honda. The blue butterfly is an endangered species. So legislated/regulated by the federal government since about 2003. No one has seen the Miami blue butterfly anywhere in a few years. However recently a butterfly expert saw four of them on Bahia Honda. Imagine that, four of them!

This butterfly species lives off a vine that grows on Bahia Honda. The iguanas were eating the vines. Bad!

So state and federal officials joined to trap the iguanas. They got 65 of them! Sixty five iguanas for 4 butterflys! The iguanas were removed to somewhere else and destroyed.

Officials have left more traps. They will return in a month to see how many additional iguanas they have caught.

There is a lunacy involved in all of this. 65 for 4. Sort of out of balance. Plus the time and expensed involved. State and federal officials. Overkill?

We are financially broke in every area. And yet we can afford to come to the asistance of the Miami blue butterfly. There is a lunacy involved here! I dislike the iguanas. I like butterflys. Who doesn’t! But lets be practical!

Only in America!

I spent last night with Marty.

We met at the Chart Room for a drink. Then Marty suggestedf A&B Lobster House for dinner. OK by me.

A&B was jam packed! Even the bar! Would have taken forever just to be seated. So we went downstairs to Alonzo’s. We grabbed two empty chairs at the bar.

Alonzo’s is the poor side of A&B. The same person owns both.

I enjoyed some blue point oysters and a lobster sandwich. Good!

Today is golf! I have not played in 3 weeks. I am anxious! I don’t care how I play, I just want to play!



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