Remember the dolphin I spoke about a couple of days ago. The one that got stuck in a canal at the Key West Yacht Club, was captured, given some intravenous shots and then released into the sea.

Well the word on the street was wrong in one regard. The dolphin was not released. It is still in custody.

The federal government is also involved. I was unaware. The federal government has been involved since before the capture. Apparently federal authorization is required for a dolphin capture. The things we learn!

It was first thought the dolphin was an infant separated from its mother. Now they are not sure. They being the federal government and the rescue group having custody of the dolphin.

A baby dolphin is called a calf. A calf is dependent on its mother for survival.

It now appears the dolphin may be 4-5 years old. That apparently is old enough to survive without maternal care.

However there is a second consideration. Dolphins are pack animals/mammals, so to speak. Family oriented. Travel in groups. Do not survive alone.

So the dolphin has to be released to a family of dolphins. Families/groups are called pods.

Which brings us to another problem. Dolphins are not just dolphins. There are different type dolphins. Humans are caucasian, black, tan, American, European, Asiatic, etc. And regardless of color or ethnic origin, humans intermarry.

Apparently there are different types of dolphins and they, too, interbreed.

The dolphin in custody appears to be a hybrid offspring of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin and the offshore spotted dolphin. This creates an additional problem. The dolphin should be released to his own kind. He may be rejected otherwise.

Mammal, human or whatever, relationship problems exist.

By the way, two things have been determined with certainty. The dolphin is male. And he has been named. Cutter!

Good luck, Cutter!

A lot of time, expense and energy has gone into Cutter’s retrieval, care and planning for release. Hope the correct decisions are made! Hope Cutter survives!

Actually Cutter can’t miss. The federal government is involved!

Yesterday was lovely early on. Warm! Sunny! High 70s! Then last night it got cold. The temperature at the moment is 63! The cold is from the north with a powerful wind carrying it to us. No wonder, since the weather reports show a big time snow storm this morning all the way up the northeast coast.

Today and tomorrow the high will be 66.

The weather just does not want to change. We keep moving in and out of the cold.

I had lunch yesterday at the beach bar at the Pier House. Sat at the bar, read the Sunday papers and had lunch. Also occasionally peeked at the bikini clad lovelies walking around. The weather was obviously warm at the time!

The weather turned in the late afternoon. Rain and cold! So I decided to stay in. Watched TV and early to sleep.

I will be wearing long pants today. That cold!

I hate the long pants and the cold!

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