I was driving back from Miami yesterday. A 4 hour drive to Key West.

It is only 155 miles. Yet it takes 4 hours to make the trip.

The reasons are two fold.

First, it is mostly a narrow 2 lane road to Key West. Forget passing. Too dangerous. Second, the speed limits. Change constantly. But none fast. Anywhere from 25 to 35 to 45 to 55 miles per hour. Generally, 45 miles per hour.

The drive is absolutely spectacular, however. Ocean on each side of you, as far as the eye can see! And the eye can see to the edge of the horizon! Pure beauty!

I dislike driving US 1 at night. The road is too narrow and poorly lighted. So I left early to return to Key West to be sure of daylight the whole trip.

The best laid plans of mice and men…..

Islamorada is about 2 hours from Key West. As I was driving through, I needed to make a pit stop. I had stayed in Islamorada last year for a couple of nights. Did a fishing trip with a bunch of friends. Islamorada is The Fishing Capital of the World.

I don’t know why, but I pulled into the the local Outback Restaurant to relieve myself.

Afterwards, I stopped at the bar. What the hell, might as well have a drink! Not smart since I was driving, but I was in the mood.

I had a Beefeater on the rocks.

They had 3 televsion sets going over the bar. One to my left, one in the middle and one on my right. Basketball, football and golf in that order.

I got into all three! My head was turning like I was at a tennis match! Back and forth, back and forth.

I am surprised my neck does not hurt this morning.

Anyhow, I was into it. Also it was Happy Hour. Two for one drinks! Even top shelf brands. So I had a second Beefeaters.

Now I have a buzz. Can’t/don’t want to drive in that condition. So I decide to have dinner.

I am not a steak man. So Outback was out. I have become addicted to fish. I remembered the Islamorada Fish Company from my fishing trip last year. A fish company it is not. A restaurant it is. It was just down the road. So I was off to dinner there.

I had forgot what a pretty place it was.

By now it was dark. The entrance way to the restaurant was a finely raked sand area with a palm tree here and there and burning torches lighting the way! Lovely! Mood setting!

It was Friday night so there was a bit more entertainment. A male dancer in a circle of fire! This guy in a loin skin was dancing and jumping around. Swirling fire sticks at the same time. And occasionally swallowing one of them! Just like they do at Mallory Square every evening!

The Islamorada Fish Company is a man created wood island. Open air on the sides. Covered on top with a huge thatched roof. Connected to the land with a narrow 100 foot walk way bridge.

Looked like a fun place! Was a fun place!

I ate at the bar.

I did not have any more to drink. I still had a 2 hour drive, now at night, ahead of me.

My dinner was stone crabs! Big fresh ones! The best!

I enjoyed the stone crabs. Followed them up with key lime pie and coffee.

The key lime pie was one of the best I have had. I have always been of the opinion that key lime pie in the keys sucks. Not good. The best ever was the key lime pie I have eaten at Joe’s Stone Crabs in Miami. A crispy graham cracker crust! Last night Joe’s met its match at the Islamorada Fish Company.

The key lime pie came in a soup bowl. The crust was ground up graham crackers. All of an inch thick! Covered with oh so good key lime pudding! Cold, just out of the refrigerator. A wow!

I was satiated and content. Buzz long gone.

The 2 hour drive in the dark was not bad. Some one had loaned me a John Grisham CD. I threw it in and became engrossed in the book as I drove.

I was home by 10 and had a contented night’s sleep.

All in all, a pleasant drive back to Key West.

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