Yesterday was golf. I did not play.

Tonight is bocci. I will not play.

I am having some tests. Nothing serious. So worry not.

Waiting around gives one a lot of time to think.

We have many problems in our country today. Obama is throwing tons of money at them in hopes of correcting the situation. Who am I to argue with the President? All these matters are well beyond me. And I am an intelligent man!

Life has taught me there generally is a root cause to every thing. Yesterday my thought process zeroed in on what I consider a major underlying problem. It may be THE underlying problem!

Our society has no moral conscience!

We have lost our way.

No one seems to understand right from wrong. That simple!

Look at the banks. What they did and presently how they are handling the bailout money.

The car companies and insurance companies are the same.

Athletes and steroids. Need I say more about them!

Guantanamo. A blight on our national conscience!

Our elected Republican politicians. They forget this is not about Republicans or Democrats. Rather it is about us.

One thing President Obama must do is restore our moral conscience. A big job! Even more, a responsibility that never should have been.

Morality should not have to be taught a society. It is inborn and nourished in our youth. It was meant to be practiced in our adult lives.

But we lost our way.

So here we are having to deal with a basic. Maybe not bad, though. We all go back to basics when we have to work a problem out.

We start at the beginning.

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