I have a foot fetish. Always have. It is not a sensuous thing. Important to make that clear up front. Rather I find that having my feet rubbed puts me in such a relaxed mood that I fall asleep within minutes.

Which brings me to Reflexology.

Relexology is some sort of science form that comes down to us from before Christ. Earliest signs are evident from drawings and writings from ancient Egypt, China and Japan.

Basically Reflexology is simple. It is the application of pressure to the feet with thumb and hand techniques. It is thought that certain parts of the feet are directly connected/related to other body parts. For example, a certain part of the left foot may affect the right eye. Or another part of the foot may have a direct link to the liver.

By applying pressure to these foot parts, diseased body parts may be discovered. Also the foot pressure can also aid in correcting sick body parts. Crystals form in the foot which indicate a problem in a body part. The pressure helps to break up the crystals, thereby permitting good energy to flow again to the sick body part.

Is it for real? Or is it poppycock? I don’t know.

Why am I telling you about Relexology? Because of Julia.

Last night I was at Hogfish having a late dinner. Hogfish has a new hostess. Her name is Julia. A lovely and charming young lady.

Julia came over and asked if several years ago I frequented a certain beauty salon for pedicures. Absolutely! I have a foot fetish! I absolutely love pedicures! Besides keeping my toe nails neat, the procedure relaxes the hell out of me!

Anyhow…..Julia worked in that beauty salon and remembered me. She was certain it was me once she heard my voice.

And she was the one who brought up reflexology last night.

She recalled me telling some people at the beauty salon about how I visited a reflexologist here in Key West. And that the reflexologist had told me I was sick!

I did not listen. I was sick. And ended up spending 15 days in the hospital!

Several years ago, I opted to visit a reflexologist here in Key West. First time I had ever been to one. Florida reflexologists have to do one or two years of schooling and be licensed. So it is not some witch and brew thing.

I really had no idea what a reflexologist did, except to rub feet. And since I had this foot fetish, I thought this would be a wonderful way to satisfy it.

The reflexologist had me sit in a barker lounge. She tilted it back. Turned down the lights. Put on soft music. Sat at my feet. And started the procedure.

Heaven was to be mine!

Within minutes, I was shouting at her. She was killing me! The pain was fantastic! She was cracking my toes and digging into the soles of my feet!

I was a novice in never never land. I did not know what Reflexology was. Pressure, pressure! Pain, pain! Have to break up those nasty old crystals!

She then explained what was involved. I was not sure I was going to stay. I relented and did. And I was glad I did!

At the end of one hour, I was totally exhausted. But rested. It was like I had a hard body massage.

So I continued seeing the refexologist every week for several months. By the way, the pain diminishes the more one has the procedure. The crystal build up in the feet is broken down, energy flows. Whatever. All I know is that it hurt less. Considerably less!

The reflexologist kept telling me I had some thing wrong in the lower right quadrant of my stomach. She told me to see a doctor. I paid no attention. I still had in the back of my mind that this was sort of a witch doctor thing. But it felt good!

One Sunday night I did not feel well. I went to the emergency room at the hospital. I had a ruptured appendix. There were other complications also. Twenty five per cent of my colon was removed. I spent 15 days in the hospital and a long time thereafter recovering.

The moral of the story. Listen to your reflexologist!

Julia brought it all back.

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