Do you remember Jane from Sarasota? The street artist I happened upon a few days ago. Well I chanced upon her again yesterday morning during my walk.

I was ambling along over the docks themselves. There she was. Sitting on her small chair and painting. We talked again. A nice lady!

I did screw up however. Her name is not Jane. It is Judy. Oh well! Details are sometimes difficult these days! And my hearing is not that good anymore!

Judy from Sarasota it is! A beautiful woman inside and out!

I probably will not see her again. She leaves tomorrow. I play golf today. And never the twain shall meet! Too bad.

Donna invited me to a dinner party at her home last night! A magnificent evening! Good food and good company!

Stone crabs. Need I say more!

Great conversation also!

She had house guests from Michigan. A gyn/ob doctor and his wife. Also a Key West realtor and his wife.

The local newspaper is known as The Key West Citizen. On the second page it has a Voice column where people call in with little gems of wisdom. Generally to complain or express their disdain for something.

Two recent comments caught my attention.

A lady said: “In the 1980s, I spent more on my hair than gasoline.” How true!

A person who I assume was a man stated: “If a man is in the middle of the woods and no woman is there to hear him, is he still wrong?” Probably. We can never win!

Tonight the Symphony is having a black tie affair. My daughter Lisa is my date. I look forward to the evening!

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  1. Very well written and I must say “very intertaining”! Keep up the good work and thank you so very much for the wonderful compliments.

    Donna (from the Pier House) 🙂

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