A good Sunday yesterday.

Syracuse basketball at 1:00! Played Villanova at Syracuse. Villanova is ranked #12. Syracuse #24.

Syracuse lost by 3 points. A good game!

Villanova was actually the better team yesterday. But Syracuse hung in there and kept coming back. With 7.4 seconds left and Syracuse behind by 3 points, Syracuse got 3 good shots at the basket. Missed all 3. Any one of which could have tied the game. Such is life!

The basketball game was on CBS. Immediately following it, was the final round of the Northern Trust Golf tournament in Los Angeles.

Phil Mickelson was 4 up going into the final round. He almost blew it! He was 2 strokes behind with 3 holes to play. He got hot again and won by 1 stroke.

Steve Stricker and Fred Couples were breathing down his neck. Either could have won. Stricker has been hot lately and is due for a win.

It was a pleasure to see Couples in the final group on the final day. A giant who has seen his best days, he played well and almost won again! He might have won had he not hit a hacker’s shot on the last hole. I know a hacker shot when I see one since I hit enough of them!

Couples drove over 300 yards. Wow! I am lucky to hit 150! His ball was on the right side of the fairway. A clear shot to the green. He was about 170 yards out.

To the right of the fairway and about 20 feet into the rough and ahead was a large tree. The tree was not in play. No way could it interfere with Couple’s shot. But it did! He hit into the tree and his ball dropped straight down. That was it for him! Bad shots happen even to the best!

Last night was dinner at Serge and Karen’s. I have not seen them for awhile. Lovely people.

We had steaks which Serge grilled outside. However we ate inside since it was a bit chilly. Good company and good food! Many laughs during dinner.

After dinner, we settled into some comfortable chairs in the living room and watched the Academy Awards. An absolutley fantastic show last night! Probably the best ever!

Hugh Jackman was great as host! The only movie I saw him in was Australia. A great film! I thought he was excellent in it. Of course, Nicole Kidman also starred. Any movie she is in is over the top with me!

Jackman can sing, dance, tell jokes. He does it all! He should have been the new 007!

I am at Lisa’s this morning. Babysitting Ally who is sick. I shall be here all day.

Lisa was obviously desperate for a sitter. This is only the third time I have been permitted to sit. The claim is my attention span is not good.

Ally and I have a deal. She is watching me! Not I, her! So she has to stay near me all day, no matter where I am!

We will both survive the day!

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