The morning is gray. Sky overcast. Water still. No breeeze. It is going to be a great day weatherwise! It just needs a little more time to kick in!

The big event for me yesterday was going to the dermatologist. Such is retirement!

A growth developed on my knee about 2 months ago. Big and ugly. He cut it off. Also did a body check. Every thing else OK. The doctor made comment that I had apparently had my body checked out over the years. This I had. Dr. Albert Shaheen in Utica was the man.

Albert was a friend, occasional golf buddy and a half assed relative via marriage. A plastic surgeon by profession. Once a year I would lay on his table and he would go along my body snipping and cutting away. I am glad he insisted that I see him yearly and let him do his thing.

Albert is now retired. He spends his winters in Naples.

I met June and Bill Hudson at Aqua last night. It was preplanned. We were to have dinner afterwards at Antonia’s. Bobby Nesbitt was his usual wonderful self at Aqua. What a voice!

Dinner at Antonia’s was the best. Good food and good company! June and Bill are top shelf! Solid and sincere. I enjoy them.

The only negative last night was that their friends Kenda and Dick were not with us.

Kenda and Dick had been visiting the Hudsons and left to return home to Delaware the day before. I was fortunate to meet them during the week when we would run into each other.

Kenda and Dick are fun people. Especially Kenda who is very much an outgoing personality!

Interesting backgrounds. A second marriage for both. Each’s earlier spouse had died. Sad. But Kenda and Dick found each other and now have wonderful lives going again!

Dick is a retired fighter pilot. Kenda’s first husband was military. They have that common trend.

Kenda still works. Keeps Dick in the style to which he has become accustomed. She teaches kindergarten. Her whole life. Just like our Christine Cardone, Larry Smith’s wife. Kenda and Christine met last week and had an interesting time talking shop.

June says Kenda and Dick are returning in a couple of months. Good! I look forward to seeing them again!

Afterwards I walked up Duval to the Keys. Sort of dead. Marty was at the bar. I run into him all over town.

Donna and Terri were there also. Terri had sung the cocktail hour till 9. Her bags were packed. Donna and she left to drive to Miami where Terri gets on a plane this morning to New York. Terri has an audition for a Broadway show! A big deal! Terri has performed on Broadway before. She had a Tony nomination and won an Oby award. I wish her well!

I have another exciting day ahead of me. A haircut this morning. Bocci tonight. If it were not for Lori, the haircut would be boring. And nothing beats bocci! Such is retirement. The little things become a big deal!

Talk with you in the morning.

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