Wonderful day yesterday!

I baby sat Robert and Ally yesterday afternoon. Only the second time Lisa has permitted it. She was desperate! It was a holiday and Montessori was closed.

I started around noon. Lunch was my responsibility. So I bought a Subway meatball and cheese on whole wheat and brought it with me. The grandkids did not like it.

No problem. I made one a jelly sandwich and the other a turkey one. Cut up an apple, threw in a few pretzels and everything was good!

I thought we should move into this babysitting thing slowly. It was to be an experience for them as well as me. So I put on The Wizard of Oz CD. Within a short time, both Robert and Ally had fallen asleep on the couch. And they stayed sleeping till 4! Three whole hours!

This babysitting thing so far was a snap. Maybe a little boring, also.

When they woke, I read to them a bit. They read to me. Lisa came home. My job was done.

Not very difficult at all!

I had no plans for the evening. I started out at the Chart Room. Was hoping to meet Marty. Marty was there. Captain Peter and Peter’s lovely visiting daughter daughter Natsha were there also.

Peter recently had chest pains. Spent several days in the hospital. Good daughter Natasha rushed to his side. She lives in Vermont.

Turns out Peter had acid reflex. Natasha opted to stay several extra days.

Peter lives on a boat. Natasha decided to clean house. Oops, I mean the boat! Natasha just spent a week scrapping and sanding the boat. Today she starts varnishing it.

A good daughter in obviously more ways than one.

Natasha is 40. Looks 30. And is an absolute beauty! Inside and out!

She lives in the Burlington, Vermont area. Has 2 children. Just lost her job. She sold sneakers and trail running shoes. Her company went out of business.

Natasha obviously is a runner. Marathons and the like. Also does 100 mile races and triethilons. Hope I spelled that last word correctly. She runs up mountains and down them. All over the world. Ecuador, Brazil and Europe.

She also was in the first Gulf War. Air Force. A flight fuel operator. She was captured. Only for a week, but in war any time is too long. She was made to wear a collar and rope around her neck during the time.

We ate at the Strip House. A steak restaurant. Nothing else! It’s all in the name.

I ran into Bill and June Hudson and their friends. I have been running into them every night lately. Good people!

At the table next to the Hudsons was a young couple. From Utica! So I sat and spent some time with them. Their lawyer back home is Don Murnane. An old acquaitance. My age. I told them to say hello to him for me.

I enjoyed my conversation with Peter, daughter Natasha and Marty during dinner. Also the meal! I rarely eat steak. Marty and I split one. Delicious!

At 8 this morning I return to the dentist. To get my new cap that fell out after 8 months. I am anxious. I have been eating on one side of my mouth for two weeks fearful that the tempoary cap would also fall out and I would walk around looking like a homeless person.

Have a good day! It is going to be a great day in Key West. The weather has kicked in. The tourist season has started. All is good!

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