Presidents’ Day!

There was a time when Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays were celebrated seperately. Two national holidays, two days off within two weeks of each other. Then some Washington persons in their divine wisdom decided the two holidays should be combined into one.

I have always felt since that time that I have been cheated out of a holiday! A paid holiday! A working day off!

The fog came back last night. Big time! Thick and heavy!

My son in law Corey is an archeologist. He has been Chief Archeologist at the Mel Fisher Museum for a quarter of a century. He dives seeking Spanish galleons and sunken slave ships. He is an aknowledged expert on slave ships and slave immigration into the United States and Caribbean areas. He appears occasionally on the History Channel and is an invited speaker all over the country on the topic.

Being a diver, he has to understand weather. Corey says he has never seen anything like this fog. He does not understand it. He finds it strange.

So do I.

Too dark yet this morning to see if the fog is still with us.

Yesterday was a slow day. Sunday always is. It should be.

I spent the day reading the papers, watching TV and snoozing a bit.

Late in the afternoon, I headed out to the Gardens. There was an art show to be followed by the usual musical show starring Skipper on drums and Michael on piano.

The art show featured works by local artists. And since Key West is an artsy town, the sculptures and paintings were magnificent!

The Gardens is a large guest house/hotel. The name Gardens is appropriate. A jungle of greenry surrounds the property. I walked the many cobbled paths thru the gardens for the first time. The art was shown here and there in isolated fashion along the walkways. Nothing crowded. Each piece permitting its own time for silent inspection and thought.

Afterwards I sat with June and Bill Hudson to listen to the music. Nothing like a couple of drinks, good company, great music and a very special setting to enjoy it all!

I left early to go to Lisa’s for Sunday night dinner.

The grandkids got a bunk bed yesterday. They were all excited! It was Christmas morning all over again!

Ally wants to sleep on top and Robert on the bottom. That was easy. The hard part is to keep them in the bunk bed at night. Ally is 3 and Robert 4. They end up in their parent’s bed generally in the middle of the night. Hopefully the new bed will break them of it. I can’t wait to speak with Lisa in about an hour to see how last night went.

I stayed awhile after dinner and played games with the grandkids. Fun!

Still dark outside. Morning Joe just came on.

Have a good day!

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