Sunday morning!

Love Sundays! Meet the Press and the Sunday papers!

The fog is back. Heavier this morning than the past two days. Thick! I can hardly see 500 feet out.

It left us yesterday afternoon. Then got warm warm.

Very little breeze this morning. The palms are not moving. The water is slowly slipping by.


Last night was fun!

I started with dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. I like Antonia’s. I eat there 2-3 times a week.

Wednesday is my set evening there. I have a fixed reservation for 7:30. I never miss. I missed last Wednesday. And forgot to call to tell them I would not be by. I had dinner at Donna’s home instead.

Friday when I was at Publix picking up some groceries, Tiffany came over. She was shopping also. Tiffany is a waitress at Antonia’s. She told me they were all concerned when I did not show, called my home to see if I was Ok. She was genuinely concerned about my health and safety, and not the empty seats.

When I walked into Antonia’s last night, host Michael Schwartz was all over me with his concern that I had been OK. Then I sat at the bar and TK did the same.

What great people! We truly are family here in Key West!

I was blessed with interesting dinner companions.

On one side were David and Dee from Buffalo and Rochester respectively. They are married. Must live in between both cities. David runs a business in Buffalo. Dee teaches school in Rochester.

We talked about when we first came to Key West, why, etc. These two very conservative appearing and talking peope first came in the 1970s as hippy drop outs and lived here in Key West in a beat up van! For a whole month!

On the other side of me sat Janet. A lovely young lady. Early 20s at the most. Petite, tight. A winning smile.

I sensed she had to be a stripper. I was right! She works at Bare Assets. Her shift last night started at 9 and would end at 4 in the morning. She needed a good meal to get her through the night.

We talked of many things.

She escaped Cuba with her parents several years ago. Made it to shore here, which is important. Cuban feet must touch American soil or these poor people are returned to Cuba under existing law.

Business is good. Tips very good. She now owns her own home in Fort Myers.

Working the pole keeps her in great shape. I told her I should get a pole and work out every day!

A nice girl. I wish Janet well. I hope she stays healthy.

Then I was off to the Pier House. I knew Larry Smith was doing a Valentine’s Day show featuring Christine Cardone and Kathleen Peace. Guaranteed good music!

The place was packed, inside and out. Obviously more than Louis were aware of the quality of the evening unfolding!

Many friends in attendance. The Hudsons, Tino and Marie, Yankee Jack and Kathy, Marty and on and on.

None of us were disappointed! The performances were mind blowing! A good time was had by all!

Peppy accompanied on the drums and Alex blew the horn. Two talents!

Larry invited Yankee up to sing. I love Yankee! Every one loves Yankee! He is a 440 pound teddy bear!

His rendition of Georgia brought tears to my eyes. And a few others also.

A very nice evening, indeed!

The fog is starting to life. I can now see out about 1,000 feet. Going to be a beautiful day!

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