Happy Valentine’s Day!

To those of you who are lovers, enjoy! To those of you who are not, may you discover love today!

Kissing is an all human sport. Interestingly, 90 per cent of the world’s peoples do it. I thought it might have been less. I have always thought that certain tribes/races did not kiss. My recollection, perhaps erronious, was that the American Indians rubbed noses.

There is a science to kissing. It is called Philematology. That is what we do!

The study of kissing reveals some interesting things. Kissing releases chemicals between the two persons doing it. Makes sense.

The male saliva releases testosterone to the female. Gets the woman going. Females beware! The men are going to get you!

The testosterone encourages bonding. Obviously! Do it for 15 minutes and the ultimate is going to occur. Wow! So that is how it works! Live and learn! Ho ho!

Anyhow, kissing is also good for your health. It reduces stress in both parties.

So sayeth the Science of Philematology! Makes sense to me. So sayeth my experience factor!

About 10 yesterday morning, a fog came in. Big time! I could see it creeping in over the ocean. Till it covered everything.

A chill accompanied it.

The fog lifted for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Then returned. It was with us last night.

And it is still here this morning.

It is difficult to see very far out onto the water. The gray mist wraps you as you walk outside.

It is erie! As in a Dracula movie of old!

One of the stops in my travels last night took me to La Te Da’s bar. World famous Sassy was bartending. Sassy knows everything about the water. For real! He has a Captain’s license and operates a tour/fishing boat by day.

I asked Sassy about the fog. He knew the answer! He told me that when the dew point is heavier than the humidity, fog results.

Made sesne to me. I sort of understood. Only sort of, though.

Since the fog is still upon us this morning, I went to the weather channel for possible further explanation. There was none. It did say that the fog would lift some time this afternoon and the temperature would hit 80.

The weather channel makes note of humidity. It listed humidity for today at 100 per cent. I do not know how this all plays in. Quite frankly, I do not understand it. Even with Sassy’s explanation.

One thing I do know however. I love the fog, especially along the ocean! Always have!

I started my evening last night at the Keys. Bobby Nesbitt and Terri White were singing. What could be better!

I then crossed the street to hear Debra and Patrick at La Te Da and get my weather analysis from Sassy. Love Debra!

Terri had finished her early gig at Keys. She and Donna showed up. We had dinner together at La Te Da.

I had not eaten there in years. Alice is back cooking. The food was outstanding! I had crispy duck. The first time in over a year. Outstanding! I recommend Alice’s cooking to you.

It was late enough for me. After coffee, I was home to bed. Just in time to catch the 11 o’clock news.

In closing, I want to wish you a big 3 H day. Happy, healthy and horny! Especially the last H! This is Valentine’s Day! Do some kissing and achieve the final H. And with it love!

And if love is not to be, still enjoy the horny for the hell of it!

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