Lunch with Lisa yesterday!

Always a delight! The cheerful one!

Lisa is Sales Manager at the Southernmost Hotel Collection. A beautiful complex at the Atlantic end of Duval.

We had lunch at the Southernmost Beach Club. An open air restaurant sitting right on the beach. Yesterday was warm and beautiful. The breeze was comforting. As Lisa and I ate, I could see the blue ocean directly behind her.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing the mundane. Like grocery shopping!

Last night the bands played and the canons roared! The bocci season started!

We won the first game. Lost the next two.

We all had fun, however.

One of our problems this season will be that we have a 12 person team. The house rule is that every one plays.

We won the first match 16-5. David, Don, Rob and I played. Probably our best. It was obvious. We killed the opposition!

Then most of us, including me, sat out the second game. Fun comes first in bocci! Every one participates! We have a couple of bocci virgins on the team. First timers. They played.

We lost our sharpness in the second game.

It came back in the third game, but we lost.

I played again in the third game. Teamed up with Maria. Maria is experienced. She is a transfer from another team. Oh, the trading that goes on in the off season!

Afterwards, we went over to Don’s Place. Good company all!

Thursday nights are the best!

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