Golf yesterday!

Played more poorly than normal. Though I did distinguish myself occasionally with a decent hole or shot. More a decent shot.

I broke even. At least my play did not cost me any money!

Last night Donna and Terri had a dinner party. I was fortunate to be invited. Two Pearl Mestas! Great food! Terrific presentation! Stimulating guests!

In addition to Louis, they invited Barry, Harrell and Michael.

Barry and Harrel are from Nashville, but have a condo in Key West which they visit frequently. Barry is a cardiologist. Good for my heart! Harrell a CPA. Good for my draining fortune!

Michael is an interior decorator. He presently is completing some work at Bagatelle’s. Bagatelle’s is a restaurant at the tourist end of Duval. I have not eaten there in 15 years. Not because it may not be good. I just do not do that end of town.

I was aware the outside of Bagatelle’s had recently been painted. Not from seeing the place, but by talking with Joanie and her husband at Don’s Place. They were the contracted team painting the building.

Michael talked about the inside. Sounds exciting! Especially the new second floor floor. I am not being redundant. The floor! Says it is spectacular!

We talked of many things. Especially of Italy, which we all had visited extensively. And the Christmas eve seven fishes meal.

Michael did an exciting stuffed calamari this past Christmas. Stuffed the calamari with lobster and crab. Different!

All in all, a most pleasurable evening! Thank you Barry, Harrell and Michael for your good company! Thank you especially Donna and Terri for making it all possible!

Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! The start of a new bocci season. I am excited!

Yesterday was another warm day. Today will be also. The weather has turned. We are into warm!

May all in Kest West enjoy the weather and the day. Those of you who are not fortunate to live here, come on down for a visit! Like the line in one of Howard Livingston’s songs…..Start living in Key West time!

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