Good morning!

Very early yet! Black outside.

The weather was magnificent yesterday! Key West weather finally returned! And today will be even better! Which is good because I play golf this morning.

Bocci returns tomorrow night. It has been a long haul between seasons. I am excited! So is everyone else who plays.

Bocci is an interesting game. Actually the correct spelling is bocce. However here in the USA it has acquired the spelling which ends with the i. Bocce is the correst name, bocci the nickname.

Bocci is a precision sport. If you have played the game, you understand. If you have not, trust me that it is so. That little ball can be difficult to get next to!

The correct name of the little ball is pollino. It is called many derivative names such as polina and pollina.

Bocci is an ancient game. It started in the times of the Roman Empire. Ergo it is in form and substance of Italian origin. And my imigrant ancestors brought the game to our shores.

Somethings are so obvious, they escape easy deduction. Bocci means to bowl. Simple. Though it never occured to me. Italian bowling!

Everything is an Olympic sport these days. But not bocci. Sad!

There is a noted champion in every sport. The man in bocci is Umberto Granglia.

Granglia passed away this past December. However not before he was named the Bocce Player of the Twentieth Century. He won 13 World championships, 12 European championships and a big 46 Italian National championships. Shades of Tiger Woods!

Which brings me back to tomorrow night. The bocci season starts again. We could use Granglia on our team. But we will make do with what we have and hopefully have a decent season.

Want to know something. We will! We have been an improving team each season. Almost made the playoffs last year. Perhaps this will be the year!

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