A good Saturday night!

The Southernmost had a cocktail party and ribbon cutting for its newly constructed section. Hotel units on the beach. All with an ocean view! And all absolutely beautiful!

A great party! Under a chandeliered white tent. Spectacular food! And wonderful people! I saw many old friends and made several new ones.

The owners are to be congratulated on making this major investment in Key West.

After the party, I walked over to Square One for a drink. Chatted with Patrick a bit.

Then it was off to the Keys. It was still early. Only 8 o’clock.

Bobby Nesbitt was playing for the cocktail hour. The place was packed with tourists who had luckily discovered him.

Bruce Moore showed up. Lucky also for the crowd! Bobby and Bruce dueted for the next hour. Outstanding singing! A tourist seated next to me at the bar was flabergasted at the quality of the performances. She asked…You get this all the time? Yes and everywhere else in Key West! We are blessed with great musical talent!

Cocktail time moved into evening. Terri arrived. She was singing last night. Another Wow! What a voice!

Since I started my evening early, I was home early. Before 10. Content with my evening!

Today is Sunday. My Sundays change starting today. No football. No Don’s Place. I have to reconfigure my Sunday afternoons. Ah, change. I find it disruptive.

The weather is turning. Yesterday was in the low 70s. However the evening chilly. Not a comfortable chilly. Biting.

Since I was to bed early, I am up early. Still dark outside. Temperature is 62. It will be in the low 70s again today.

One thing that is constant about Sunday are the papers and Meet the Press. I am off to buy the Sunday papers now. And look forward to Meet the Press later in the morning.

Enjoy your day!

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