It’s Saturday morning.

I slept a bit late. I needed it.

It appears the weather will take a turn for the better today. It is presently cool, but not cold. The high today is projected in the low to mid 70s. Finally!

Did the Symphony last night.

Key West has a spectacular Symphony. Primarily due to its Conductor and Executive Director Sebrina Alfonso. The Key West Symphony is her life!

Sebrina was born and raised here in Key West. She returned home after obtaining her education. Her dream was for Key West to have its own Symphony. The Key West Symphony is now in its tenth year. Primarily due to Sebrina’s efforts!

The Symphony last evening featured Yoko Hagino. Yoko is a talented young Japanese pianist. A delight!

Afterwards I drove into town to the Keys. Terri was singing.

A big crowd to hear a big voice!

I woke up during the night and could not drop off to sleep. So I flipped on the TV set.

Wolfeman Meets Frankenstien! An old black and white.

I remember when I first saw the movie. In the late 1930s. I had to be all of 3 or 4 years old.

In those days in order to induce people to attend the theatre, the movie houses sponsored a make a set night. A theatre would select one night and anyone who went on that night got a free dish. If a person went consistently, after a couple of years he or she had a complete set of new dishes.

Tickets to the movies in those days were all of 3 or 4 cents. And they still gave free dishes away!

Our neighborhood theatre was the Family on Bleecker Street. My Mother went religiously every Wednesday night. So did all the other women in the neighborhood.

After a while, no matter whose home you were in, we all ate off the same dishes. White with maroon edges. My Father still has some of the pieces left more than 70 years later in his kitchen cupboard.

Back to Wolfeman!

On this particular Wednesday, my mother took me with her to the Family. She had to get her dish and continue making the set.

Remember again I was only 3-4 years old. As we walked into the darkened theatre, the screen was full of Wolfeman’s face. In all its hairy gore! Scared the shit out of me! I spent the rest of the evening slouched in my seat with my head buried under my Mother’s arm.

They were great movies, though. With spectacular actors! Lon Chaney, Jr. as Wolfeman, Bela Lugosi as Dracula and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein.

You would think Wolfeman would have put me to sleep. It did not. I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it!

A bad night, however. Sleep was not to be mine. Wolfeman was followed by On the Waterfront. Another great black and white film. A Marlon Brando flick.

One of the actors in the film was Tony Galento. He had a small part.

Tony Galento was known in the 1940s as Two Ton Tony Galento. He was short and appeared fat. His body must have been in some sort of decent shape, however. Galento was a prizefighter. A heavyweight. He fought Joe Louis for the heavyweight championship of the world. Though he lost, he distinguished himself!

He gained fame. He eventually did small acting parts. And he also ended up owning a bar in the Bronx.

My Mother’s family still lived in New York. When I was young, we were always driving or taking the train to New York to see her family. The family lived in the Bronx.

Occasionally we went to Tony Galento’s Bar. It was across the street from the Bronx Zoo. A big place and always busy.

The house specialty, besides booze, was pizza. We used to go for the pizza. Oh, so good!

Pizza is not made the same today. Even thin pizza is a bit thick. And then there is tomato pie. Thick. Galento’s pizza was razor thin. Crispy. Overflowing with mozzerella. I can taste it as I write.

And Galento was there also. It was his place! He was the attraction, in addition to the terrific pizza!

May your Saturday be a good one! Have a piece of very thin pizza, if you can find one!

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