Cold here! 60 degrees.

It is 3 am. I could not sleep. So up doing my blog.

A quiet day yesterday.

Lunch at the Yacht Club.

Then to Publix. It was son in law Corey’s birthday yesterday. Lisa said to get a cake. So I did.

Came home and placed it in the refrigerator.

Last night was dinner at Lisa’s to celebrate Corey’s birthday. When I arrived, Lisa asked …..where is the cake? I forgot it.

So we had ice cream for desert instead. Had to sing Happy Birthday quickly as the lone candle was dying atop the melting ice cream.

It was still early when dinner was done.

I went over to the Keys. Terri was singing during cocktail hour. Had a drink and chatted.

Then to the Wine Galley to hear Larry Smith sing.

Larry was good, as usual. He had a fair sized crowd also for so early in the evening.

Today golf! About 5 hours from now, that is. Will be cold, but will be fun!

Back to bed now to try to sleep.

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