I lost a cap Sunday. So my first stop yesterday morning was to the dentist.

The cap was only 8 months old. I asked half seriously if there was a warranty. My dentist said yes. I am now in the 2 week process of obtaining a new cap. I am walking around with a temporary in the meantime.

Why did the cap break down? My dentist asked a couple of questions in an attempt to prove it was me and not the cap that was defective.

He asked if my teeth touch when I close my mouth. I closed my mouth. My teeth touched. No good, he said. It wears down the cap. Our teeth are not supposed to touch when we close our mouths.

Now all of you try it!

The next thing was swallowing. He asked if I swallowed with the back of my throat. I swallowed. I was swallowing wrong. From the front of my mouth and not the back. I again was applying too much pressure to the cap.

Now everyone try swallowing!

I told him I was 73 years old! I have to learn anew how to close my mouth and swallow?

There was no sympathy forthcoming from him. Yes, you must was his response!

So all day I walked around closing my mouth and remembering not to make my teeth touch. The hardest part was swallowing from the back of my throat!

This, too, I shall survive. Better that a triple by-pass!

Dinner last night with Donna and Terri. It was their anniversary.

We ate at the bar at La Trattoria. The place was packed again. Standing room only. Long waits for a seat or table. Fortunately, I had made a reservation.

My bartender friend Kathy told me they got a call at 6 for a group of 65. They took the reservation. It was Monday, a naturally slow evening. And business is business. However it sort of turned things into an organized chaos. All well handled by the staff.

It rained last night before I went out. It rained on my way to La Trattoria. It was still raining at the start of dinner.

Not just rain. Monsoon rain! Heavy with an equally heavy wind. The rain was blowing sideways from the force of the wind.

I sat in my car for 10 minutes till it slowed down. Then I stepped out of the car. Into 4 inches of water. A good thing I was wearing crocs!

Crossing the street was an adventure.

Key West is built at sea level. The sewer/drainage system cannot handle heavy rain. Some streets were flooded. Not that badly. Only out about 5-6 feet on each side of the street.

Again great to be wearing crocs! I hiked up the jeans and walked undaunted across the streets.

The small things become important when one lives here in Key West. It is haircut time! I get to see Lori this morning!

Every one have a great day!

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