I played golf yesterday. It was Wednesday and Wednesday is golf day.

The money guys would not let me play with them. They apparently only wanted to play with good golfers.

I survived the insult!

I played with Aaron, John and Bruce.

Actually, I ended up playing well. I switched drivers. Went back to my old one. And started getting off the tee! A decent drive makes all the difference!

The issue of money players vs. non money players came up at the completion of the round. We generally meet on the porch of the club house for a drink. It was like a union meeting. It was finally decided that all games will be money games and we will basically rotate each week who we play with.

Democracy at work! With a few Milller Lites!

My grand kids are sick. So after golf I went to K Mart to get them some toys. Got Robert a big truck. And for Ally some sort of bead game.

Both were thrilled with the gifts. However the bead game turned out to be trash. Very gooey and messy. Lisa had to throw it out.

I tried.

The grandkids are still sick. Lisa just called. I have to run over and baby sit till noon. In 3 days I will have their head cold and an ear ache!

Have fun today!

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