A beautiful day weatherwise yesterday.

And a terrific day otherwise!

Sundays continue to be the best.

I layed in bed watching Meet the Press in the morning. Then did some quiet reading. I am in the middle of Tom Brokaw’s Boom! Great reading!

I had a late lunch. Around 2. Bought a ton of Sunday papers and drove out to Hogfish. It was crowded big time! I found a place at the bar and commenced my reading opus. Picked on hogfish fingers while devouring the New York Times.

At 5 I drove over to the Gardens Hotel. Kate Miano is the proprietor. She also is the reigning Fantasy Fest Queen.

The Gardens is a beautiful place. A cross between a hotel and guest house. And its name is well placed. The gardens are absolutely magnificent!

From 5-7 on Sundays, Kate has music in the Gardens. A couple of pieces and a singer. I have never been there for the Sunday event. Have been hearing many good things about it lately. So I decided to stop in before going to Lisa’s for dinner.

I am glad I did! What a pleasant experience!

The Sunday night gathering is a gigantic success. At least 200 people sitting around the pool, in between the trees and shrubbery, on the porches. All social. Every one happy.

My friend Skipper was on the drums. What a percussionist!

I ran into Donna and Terri as I was parking my car. They were with a friend of Terri’s who had flown in from Denver for Terri’s birthday the day before. I am embarassed! I cannot remember his name. Even though we talked for a half hour! Old age! Things just disappear from the mind. Sorry!

I could only stay a half hour at the Gardens since I was scheduled for dinner with the family.

Dinner at Lisa’s is always fun! It’s the grandkids! What a joy!

I colored with 3 year old Ally. She made sure I stayed inside the lines.

Robert is 4 going on 8! He can now count by the 10s. Also he learned about Martin Luther King this past week and can quote parts of his memorable speech.

This Montessori School thing is impressive!

After dinner, Lisa and I had a father/daughter chat. Actually, she lectured me. In a nice way. I appreciate her love and concern for me.

I returned home. It was all of 8 o’clock. Love the late hours I keep here!

Not a bad day at all.

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