A return to normalcy!

That is how I feel.

I am home! Back in Key West!

After a casual breakfast of cuban toast and coffee, as well as the the morning paper, I was off on my walk along the waterfront. The view was spectacular! The boats all gleaming white under the morning sun.

Along the way, I ran into Tino. Tino is a former federal agent from Chicago. In retirement he works part time as a harbor master at the A&B Marina. He is the guy with the blue shorts, crispy white T shirt and baseball cap. He welcomes your vessel to the marina and helps you dock. All with a smile!

It was good seeing him again! I missed Tino and all my Key West friends while I was up north for 3 weeks for the holidays.

Tino needed a shave! It dawned on me I had never seen him with a beard. I should not talk as I go 4-5 days in Key West without shaving. It is the lifestyle here! How do you think Hemingway got his beard!

I mentioned the growth to Tino. We are friends. He was a bit embarrassed. Said he got up late and did not have time to shave. However he had his shaving gear in the office and was waiting for a few free minutes so he could shave.

Tino is a meticulous detailed individual. I would not be wrong to describe him as a bit on the anal side. Part of his federal bureaucratic background probably! I had caught him out of sorts. First time. Good for Tino! He should go unshaven for several days! It is good for the soul! And everyone does it!

As I continued my walk, I came upon a woman sitting on a small folding chair on a street corner painting. She was doing a water color of a building. There she was with brush in hand, a huge floppy hat and and a small umbrella attached to her chair over her head.

Being a frustrated painter, I stopped to watch her work. Talented!

We started chatting as she continued her work. We exchanged pleasantries. She offered me a chair. She had another.

She told me her name was Jane and she was a professional artist from Sarasota.

Our conversation became an in depth one concerning Catholicism and birth control in the 1960s. Only in Key West! Yes, only in Key West could such a conversation have taken place under the circumstances described. The time spent together was stimulating and enjoyable.

I would like to visit with her again. However it probably will never be. Chance encounters are that way. She will be on another street corner or in her car back to Sarasota.

Last night was a Key West evening!

I started at Kwest to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Ran into friends. Sang Broadway songs along with everyone else and enjoyed the experience once again!

Then I was off to the bar at Square One. As I have stated before, Square One is one of the finest restaurants Key West has to offer! If you enjoy comradeship, the bar is the place to be! It is a friendly locals hangout.

I enjoyed my time there. It was like old home week! Every one happy to see each other. Good company! Good conversation!

And then of course there is Patrick the bartender. A Key West legend! And a fine human being! Always there to help any one with any type problem. We all love Patrick!

I had dinner scheduled with friends at Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a Japanese restaurant. It has been a mainstay in Key West for years.

Until recently it was like in the living room of a small house on a Key West side street. Crowded all the time by space and people! With the finest sushi anywhere!

Well Ambrosia is no longer in the small room of a house on a side street. It has relocated. Into the big time!

It is now a large spectacular restaurant in the new Santa Maria complex. Stunning is the only way to describe it!

High ceilings, long glass windows rising to the sky, and even a tall waterfall cascading in the middle of the dining room! A wow to behold!

And the food is still just as good! If you are into sushi, it is the best!

And the prices were as high as those glass windows and the cascading waterfall! At least double, if not more! I guess the move and new surroundings have to be paid for. However it was a shocker!

They will probably make it. I wish them good luck. However I will be eating my sushi in the future in one of Key West’s other two Japanese restaurants where the prices remain constant and the surroundings casual.

Enjoy your day!

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